26 November 2014

T.W.O. - 2007 Harley-Davidson Street Glide - Giving The Green Light

Apparently, its considered unlucky to paint a bike green, for reasons given in the link below. Well if you're going to meet your maker by riding this custom 2007 Harley Street Glide, I can think of worse ways to arrive at the Pearly Gates; revving that 103ci Twin Cam V-twin, causing all sorts of commotion. Mind you, I refuse to believe that a bike that looks this good could possibly attract any bad karma; maybe if you're that concerned about your welfare, you could just keep it and the lovely Amber Grace warm in your garage. Oh boy.
Go green, here.

- Amazosan

1966 Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drags, Riverside International Raceway

Photo: Fred Enke.

The Alan Green Chevrolet 1963 fastback altered-wheelbase Nova.
Under the aupices of race car builder Bill Thomas, fibreglass meets metal to create a trio of road racing or drag cars built from convertible Chevy IIs.
A stroked 327 with a Corvette rear end motivating a Nova around a road course sounds pretty cool, but Chevrolet killed the factory racing effort, so all of the cars found new homes and were repurposed specifically for the quarter mile.

24 November 2014

Five. Hundred. Thousand.

Soooo.... I've just realised that we clicked over 500,000 views at the weekend.
Half a million views? Gosh, it was only January '14 that it was on 400,000 and Jan '13 that the 250,000 was racked up. Guess we must be doing something right.
A big thanks to all that have viewed the blog since its inception in January 2011, and rest assured, (looks at draft list) we're not going anywhere.

- Amazosan, Mr Fabulous. FVHK5K

Bat In A Storm

14 November 2014

James Crosby’s 1956 Peterbilt Conventional - Duel Purpose

Do you remember that Peterbilt 379 truck we featured a while back? Well This is also a Peterbilt, in as much as Revenge is a Model T Ford. It makes perfect sense to use an America truck body; the likes of Kenworth's and Peterbilt's long bonnet models still have that look of a pre-war car, so the cabs lend theirselves well to building a freaky-deaky looking hot rod.
Now, you can't just slap a truck cab onto a car chassis and expect it to fit; the 1956 Peterbilt Conventional cab that James Crosby used as the basis for this rod was radically altered to fit it's new mount, but still retain the look of the truck; its like a mutant almalgam of Model T meets big rig, and I guarantee you won't see another one quite like it, although I hope the idea catches on. More on this truckulent rod here.

- Amazosan 

NB and yes; the Peterbilt Conventional is the truck used to harass Dennis Weaver's character to near insanity in the film Duel:

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