13 May 2015

Pro Street 1977 Chevrolet Monza - Latter Day Hero

A car that looks like its rolled straight out of a 90's magazine, today. Pro-Street was huge at one point; it seemed everyone and his dog had a back-ended car with 10x15 rolling stock at the blunt end. But like most car crazes, there were great exponents of the art and mere pretenders; cars that looked the part but didn't deliver on the drag strip, which after all was the whole point of Pro Street. The movement died away, but some people loved the style so much they harboured dreams of building a modern-day version.
This particular car is a Chevrolet Monza, based on the Vega floorpan and billed as a rival for the Ford Mustang II. While they are largely forgotten about by everyone except the hardened petrolhead, they make an absolutely fantastic base for a Pro Street hero. And the best thing is, with a modern 450bhp, 364ci LS2 Corvette V8 inked to a Tremec six-speed gearbox, this monster Monza ain't all show. Heres to a Pro Street revival.
More about this car here.

- Amazosan

The Cutaway Diagram Files - Reliant Robin MKI By Lawrence Watts

8 May 2015

BMW Celebrates 40 Years Of The 3 Series

I have an admission to make, and it may sounds a little like an alcoholic admitting to his addiction, but here goes.
I own a BMW. To be more specific, I've owned five and still own three.
But don't worry, sport fans; I'm not one of those sales reps buzzing up and down the motorways in a late-model 318, barging slower cars out of the overtaking lane while paying only lip service to the indicator stalk. I'm talking about the E21 and E30 models; I still have two E21 projects and an E30 awaiting my love. The earlier models were always great cars to own and drive, and now people are cottoning on to that; prices of even the unloved E21 are on the rise and it surely won't be long before the E36 joins them. And while I haven't driven any variant of the latest F30 yet, I can say that having spent some considerable time behind the wheel of an E90 320d a while back, BMW have not lost their knack of creating a great driver's chassis.
And to celebrate 40 years of the 3er, BMW have made this little tribute video to their sporting saloon that could. While it is a little mawkish in the way in-house promotional videos usually are, its well worth watching for the gorgeous footage of the E21 and E30. Enjoy.

- Amazosan