31 January 2011

...And Past.

A few years ago, Ferrari and Shell celebrated 60 years of collaboration by producing probably the best commercial to ever hit TV. Crews shot in Hong Kong, Monaco, New York, Rio, Rome, Sydney and London using F1 Ferraris from progressing generations. At the time, it was rumoured to be the most expensive commercial ever made.
Sure, the two companies are trying to sell you something in the two-minute spot (at £1.30+ a litre at the moment...), but this video is more than that. It’s art. To a petrolhead and a Tifosi like myself, it's beautiful.
As the cars jump from generation to generation, (OK there's a gap as Ferrari used Agip fuel from '74 to '95, so no cars from those years) the revs get higher and higher… BUT, somehow the tradition of speed isn’t lost from one to another.
I haven't seen this for ages, but with the new F150 out, now's the time for a revisit.

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