11 May 2011

Peugeot 607 Pescarolo

Ever heard of the Peugeot 607 Pescarolo? Well the idea was that Peugeot wanted to build a range topper for the worthy but slightly dull 607 range back in 2002. They approached legendary LeMans racer and team owner Henri Pescarolo to use a detuned version the twin-turbo Peugeot V6 engine from the team's Courage C60 racer. An excerpt from Peugeot's press release gives more info on the basic spec of the car:
Complementing the three 607 saloons which were on display at the 2002 Paris Motorshow was the 607 Pescarolo concept. Designed to reflect a sporty image for this executive saloon. Key differences are the increase in surface area of the air inlet on the front skirt allowing the engine to breathe more efficiently, the wings which extend by 25 mm, and the body lowered by 25 mm to give the car greater road-holding ability. Together with 19" alloy wheels and separate twin exhaust pipes, the Pescarolo is an impressive sight. Inside it has a leather interior with contrasting stitching to match the sporting style of the saloon. This 607 could be adapted to take the V6 engine as used in the Courage C60 Pescarolo Sport at the 24 hour Le Mans race, and would provide a maximum power output of over 400 bhp.

A Courage C60, yesterday.
You might have noticed a distinct lack of Peugeot 607 Pescarolos on the road. Simple answer to that, is that none were produced.
Why? A number of reasons I guess, but rumours say that the twin turbos didn't fit in an unmodified engine bay, the lack of a gearbox man enough to take on 400bhp and 370lb/ft. But most of all Peugeot were too tight to put their hand in their pocket and spend some Euros on a RWD or 4WD drivetrain. Even with a beefy enough gearbox, 400bhp FWD and 19" wheels would have had torque steer to make a Thema 8.32 blush.
A shame; Peugeot would have had a car to be proud of. I love the look and idea of this car and would have loved to roll in this.

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