17 January 2012

1968 Chevrolet Camaro - Cam-Aero

You don't need keen eyesight to tell there's something 'different' going on with this Camaro; the low, low, low stance, the smoothed (almost funny car-ish) look, the wheels pushed right up the body - oh yeah, something going on with this F-Body for sure.
But even so, a keen intuition will only get you so far; if you thought this mean machine runs a 'normal' 350/350 combo (that's 350ci small block / Turbo 350 transmission to the unititiated), you be wrong. Far wrong. Like wrong end of the car wrong. This Camaro runs a 455ci Olds V8 with it's accompanying transaxle. Come to think about it, calling it a 'Camaro' is really stretching the truth too; the car has a full tube frame and custom-built suspension too. Extreme for some F-body freaks, who'd be quite happy with a standard Z-28, but when you learn that the owner is none other than Warren Prout, proprietor of Centerline Vehicle Designs and a noted Winston Cup, Craftsman Truck Series, and SCCA Trans-Am chassis fabricator, aerodynamicist, and vehicle developer, then suddenly you realise that the motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum seems appropriate - 
'Nothing But The Best Is Good Enough'
Gaze upon F-Body extremis  here.

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