18 May 2012

Format 67 NSX video - Inspired By Senna

We've had some amazing feedback to our recent Senna week; we're rather flattered about it, to tell you the truth. The Effect's reach is growing; Senna Week posts being viewed by Brazilian Senna fans on here? Shucks (and a head-nod of respect to Fabio Seixas, your blog makes for good reading).
By way of a thank you, today's item for your edification is the Honda NSX. As everyone surely knows, Senna had a hand in making the NSX the sublime handler that made the Ferrari 348 look inferior in comparison and sent the Cavallino racing back to the drawing board. Honda spent a great deal of time and money developing the NS-X (note the hyphen) prototype; with a fully active motorsport programme, they had significant development resources at its disposal and made full use of them.
In fairness, Bobby Rahal and Satoru Nakajima also had significant input in developing the NSX chassis at Honda's Suzuka circuit; they did a lot of endurance testing of the chassis and suspension components. How come Honda were able to procure Senna as a test driver? Simple; Honda had powered all three of his world championship-winning Formula One cars.
The car's strong chassis rigidity and handling capabilities were the result of Senna's direct input with the NSX's chief engineers while testing the prototype car at Suzuka during its final development stages; he convinced them to stiffen the NSX chassis further after testing the car around Suzuka.
As for the video? It was made by Format 67, as part of their Machines In Motion series. It's fair to say the NSX one below gave me a lump in my throat, due to it's Senna overtones. If it doesn't have a similar effect on you, I suggest you check your pulse, it may have stopped...

As an aside, it's a shame they didn't use race commentary from a Nurburgring F1 race; the Murray Walker commentary is from the 1979 French GP at Dijon; Rene Arnoux in a Renault going toe-to-toe with Gilles Villeneuve in a Ferrari. Just saying.
- Amazo-san

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