26 April 2013

Ferrari 365GTB/4 'Daytona' - A 90's Tribute

'Beautiful, spectacular, fantastic, fascinating, elegant, powerful- that's the Daytona; a driver's Ferrari!'
coos the narrator on this documentary. And he's right; its all of that. It's 2013 and none of his adjectives have lost any substance in the 20-odd years since he uttered them.
This absolute gem of a film was recorded by someone from TV onto a VHS tape many years ago; sadly the precise details have been lost in time, but that really doesn't matter. This is an unapologetic tribute to what was then the last of the front engine V12 Ferraris, with and added bonus of an interview with a very famous former Daytona owner; the late great Clay Regazzoni.
But to me, what REALLY makes the programme is watching a car, which at the time was worth up £150,000 (and would cost you £300,000-400,000 to buy now) being driven like it should be, I.e. having it's neck wrung by the driver. So much so those walls get a little too close for comfort at times. Also of particular note is the induction roar; six side draught Weber 38DCOE carburettors atop the Tipo 251 variant of the famous Gioacchino Colombo V12 engine. Music to any petrolhead's ears; if it isn't, buy some new batteries for your hearing aid. And of course, the styling, penned by Leonardo Fioravanti while at Pininfarina, is always a treat for the eye. But you knew that anyway.
Turn the volume up to 11, and enjoy.

- Amazosan

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