8 May 2013

REIMS 2013 - Salon Champenois du Véhicule de Collection

9-10 March 2013, Reims Parc Des Expos.
The Salon Champagne Vehicle Collection is among the five largest European trade fairs. A similar format to our Enfield and Bromley Pageants, There were copious amounts of classic cars on display an autojumble, model stands and vintage magazine vendors. According to official figures, more than 26,000 visitors from throughout Europe attended the two-day event.
More pictures here.

Alfa Romeo 1750 saloon:

Rare Giulia Sprint GT Veloce:

Alpine-Renault A110:

A brace of Auto Union 1000:

2CV and Arcadiane campers:

Ami 6, deux fois:

The want is strong for this base-spec BX...

...and this GS Break. 80's Citroens seem to be undergoing a renaissance:

 Thsi Darl'Mat bodied Peugeot 302 Roadster, finished 8th, Le Mans 24 hours, 1937

1910 De Dion Bouton Type CL:

A Ford 4D? Nope, a Citroen U23:

Fiat-Abarth 124 Spyder:

Mustang III Ghia, C3 'vette:

Abarth 695:

Georges Irat ODU Roadster:

La Licorne L04 Cabriolet:

Lotus Europa Special:

Matra M530:

Opel Commodore GS:

Opel Olympia:

Mercedes-Benz 170:

Panhard CD and PL24...

...and double Dyna Zs:

Peugeots 201, 202, 203:

Yamaha SR500:

Terrot, BSA-powered:

Bernadet moped:

Lovely Aermacchi 125:

Belgian Saroléa bike:

René gillet v-twins:

And now a plethora of Peugeot bikes; 1905  Type Z:

Rally moped is nice:

1937 P112:

1938 P135:

1947 P135:

1955 55GL 125:

Morini Franco Motori moped:

Gnome Rhone AX2 dates from WWII; looks more modern:


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