14 April 2014

Ford Cortina MKIII - Tina Of The South Pacific

I always find it fascinating how other countries car cultures view a car that we (as in the UK) know inside out. The MKIII Cortina was never sold in Indonesia, but that hasn't stopped this one migrating there for it's retirement. Now if the the website these pictures comes from (Lady On Wheels) is any indication to go by, Indonesia is in the midst of the whole hellaflush stance thing (other buzzwords are available), so this German import (a curious place to find one, given that they were never officially sold there) must stick out even more. Given its an oddity, this early 1600L needs little done to it to make it complete; lowered a touch with black steels just about covers it, with a nifty pair of door mirrors from something or other but which really suit those classic Corty curves.
And I bet its a bugger to get parts for.

- Amazosan

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