17 December 2014

1957 Chevy - Quick Silver

Buying an unfinished project is always fraught with pitfalls; unless the seller built the car with a detailed build record up to that point, you're usually buying a mystery waiting to be solved, usually with money. Chuck in a few previous owners adding to the broth and you're usually on course for a half-cooked disaster.
The '57 Chevy 210 pictured is possible even worse than that scenario; a megabucks road/race car built by a person with more money than talent, resulting in a untamed animal best parked in the garage. But, the current owner (Ben Thomas) soon realised that this Tri-Chevy turd would need completely rebuilding to realise the potential that was fermenting under the all-steel body. It's now a vision of trackday terror that no doubt makes people do a double-take when this tuff machine fills their rear-view mirrors with a 'get outta my way' attitude.
More info here, and take the time to read the captions to the pictures on the link; this is one fully-resolved street-legal racer with a ton of great mechanical highlights.

- Amazosan

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