26 January 2015

Gallivan Special Lakester - Twin Cam Tearaway

Welcome back, Amazorinos! Finally I get to lay down some auto gospel in 2015 and to hell with starting slow, lets hit you between the eyes with a single seat Model T that contains a piece of hot rod history.
Its a bitsa special in the very best way; built in 100 days to attend a rat rod event in Sydney (yes this car is in Australia, not the US), it wasn't quite finished in time for the event, bu that does not diminish the quality of this car. Built around a Lloyd Fisher-raced Model T chassis modified back in the 40's to make a midget racer (i.e. single seat), it was then populated with car builder Colin Wade's collection of vintage T parts sprinkled with some tasty go-faster goodies; how about rare a two-speed Eaton Ruckstell rear axle? Not rare enough for ya? Then try the 1926 Gallivan gear driven twin-cam head sitting atop the usually sidevalve-driven T engine block; only six were ever made and this is probably the only one that is running right now. Suddenly, Ardun head for a flathead V8 look common as dirt in comparison.
Get down under for the full lowdown on this beaut, here.

- Amazosan

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