20 February 2015

Digging In The Crates - Opel Kadett D Brochure, 1982

Decluttering a house is a dangerous pastime. Its should be as easy as 'put old paperwork in bin bags (or shred) then sling in bin'. But, amid all of the old bank statements, phone bills, higher education finance statements, club flyers and old amplifier remotes are the odd gem that have to be teasled out: among other things, obscure car brochures.
This Opel Kadett brochure is one of them; I bought it years ago from a stall at a car show I can't remember, but then promptly stashed it somewhere safe. So safe, I couldn't find it until now, where its been dragged blinking into the harsh light of 2015, and scanned to join the digital age and the perusal of all auto-anoraks everywhere. Enjoy it, but leave room for more, as lost waifs and strays from my personal collection are gradually being reunited and reintroduced to normal society.
A lot more...

- Amazosan

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