17 April 2015

Your Monday Wake-Up Call - On A Friday Afternoon

The title may appear to be a little nonsensical to some, but not those that follow our Facebook page. Whats that you say? We have a Facebook page that you're not aware of? Well, seeing as you ask yes, yes we do, and a doozy it is. It isn't just a copy of this fine blog though; as well as links to old articles on here, we post cool stuff that pops up on the many wonderful car-themes Facebook pages that we frequent on a daily basis. And we do some things that we don't do on here; The Monday Wake-Up Call is one of them. Basically, we post a video of some fine automobiles, usually being thrashed to within an inch of their lives, just so that you can clear away those pesky Monday morning cobwebs out of your system.
We post videos from all sorts of sources, but we are partial to content from a fellow called 19Bozzy92 on YouTube, a person that seems to be in the right place at the right time in Italy when some cool cars come out to play; historic racers, supercars, F1 cars, rally cars and many others are caught on his (her?) video camera. Check 'em out. But not before you check out our Facebook page of course. Wink.

- Amazosan 

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