22 June 2015

1972 Dodge Demon - Hellboy

A rare Paxton-packing muscle car, with a veteran drag racers help.
What you see here is a Dodge Demon GSS, a rare enough beastie on its own even in its heyday, but with drag racer 'Mr Norm' Kraus sprinkling his nitro dust on it, it became arguably the last great muscle car of the original era.
At a time when bhp figures were on the wane, due to a culmination of emissions laws and ever-increasing insurance costs, Kraus put together a tuning package, the centrepiece of which was a belt-riven Paxton supercharger, that pushed power from a decidedly anemic 240bhp to a rather more rosy-cheeked 360bhp. Its reputed that only a few hundred were converted which makes this restored example an obscure A-body Mopar indeed. But be careful not to talk trash about this Demon; its sure to appear in your rear-view mirror when you least expect it.
Unleash hell on your signal, here.

- Amazosan

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