11 August 2011

RIP Georg Plasa

For those of you that are European hillclimb fans, Georg Plasa lost his life back on July 10th when his Judd V8 powered BMW 1 series crashed.
It’s never nice to write about the death of a racing driver especially someone so well liked. If you don’t know of Georg then please watch the videos below, his Judd powered BMW hillclimb cars became a internet sensation over the years due to two things; his awesome driving skills and secondly the glorious sound.
The 51 year old German crashed his Bmw 134 GTR during the  European Hillclimb Championship round at the Coppa Carotti in Italy on July 10th. Its not yet known what happened but few can imagine that a driver with Gorg's talent would have made a mistake which possibly points to car faliure. For now though lets celebrate his amazing talents with a few videos.

Plasa was a fixture on European courses, and this video of him in Portugal earlier this year shows why.

More of his E82 GTR:

More of the master in his old E36:

And E21:

RIP Georg, you were a hillclimb legend.

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