17 August 2011

Street Life: Plymouth(s) Rock!

It's all go at at the creative think tank that is Amazo Towers, getting half an hour to pop out for some sushi and a green tea (OK, a packet of Nice n' Spicy Knick-Knacks and a Strawberry Ribena) is usually a luxury. But the other day, half an hour turned into more like two, when a Barracuda swam into view:

A 1967 A-body, Second Generation Plymouth Barracuda notchback, to be exact:

OK, forget the sushi and the Knick-Knacks; I had a kebab. satisfied???
No sign of Chernabog or bucket-wielding mops, but the car is pretty fantastic.
Not the greatest picture quality, due to a 7-year old camera phone, but I think you get the idea it's a filler cap. Makes putting in Unleaded at £6+ per gallon and watching said gallon disappear approximately 20 miles later almost enjoyable. That and the V8 nomming it.
Draws crowds wherever it goes. Which is a bit inconvenient going through the car wash.

And as I was dribbling over the Barracudas lines, this turns up to ensure my tongue unravels to the floor like you see in the old cartoons; a B-Body First Generation Plymouth Satellite:

Now this stickerbombing I like. Works better than on a 'twat-look' VW
So want this on a t-shirt!
Black steelies and white lettering - very NASCAR
Wasn't long before people started circling this Satellite. I'll get me coat...
And as quick as he arrived, he was gone...

The kebab is long forgotten, but I'll dine on the memory of this fine Mopar duo for a good long while.

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