13 February 2012

1953 Chevrolet 3100 Pick-Up - Lock Down ‘53

Lowriders aren't for everyone, oh no. At their best they're a feast for the eyes; chrome, super-trick paint, the hydraulics, the wheels. But for some, they're just too busy; too much going on, too much to take in. Some people want... subtlety. A slow burner, if you will. Well, take a look at this. The car that is. Jimmy Gustamantes Jr inherited his Dad's old beater of a 1953 Chevy 3100 pickup and completely rebuilt it. This car appears to be mild on the outside, but take a long, close look at it; this truck has a ton of chroming, engraving and detailing (like a see-through pick-up bed) that is a treat for the eye. Rather like Ralina Lia, the lovely Latina lady posing with it.
More about the truck here.

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