15 February 2012

Dan Drofenik's 1980 Lincoln - Sloppy Seconds

A Lincoln lowrider owned and built by a man living in Canada; proof that the lowrider phenomenon knows no  geographical boundaries. Dan Drofenik wasn't deterred by the fact that he was born in British Columbia, more famous for the Rocky Mountain range and the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort than Chicano-style cars; he'd been been a convert to the cause since he was a kid. He even dared to be that little more different by picking a 1980 Lincoln MK VI coupé as the base car when conventional wisdom would have been to choose an Impala. Bravo sir; we'd venture to say that you might have even created a sub-genre in the lowrider world. This Lincoln has a touch of 'Pimp' to our eyes that even Black Dynamite wouldn't look out of place in.
Strut on over to here for more info.

And now to show you some love. Tanya Love, that is:

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