22 February 2013

1932 Ford Roadster - Across the Pond Thinking

'There are as many variations of the '32 Duece roadster as there are people in the US'.
Well not really; we made that quote up, but it feels like it could be true. We've seen so many different looks applied to the ol' Doos over the years we though it impossible to come up with something original. Not so.
Ron Lee’s ’32 Ford roadster may be an all-American hot rod, but he looked to good ol' Blighty for inspiration. Hollywood Hot Rods started with a set of their own frame rails and took styling cues from British sports cars from the 20's and 30's; there is some terrific detailing, like the front apron, the Bugatti lights (yes really) front and rear, the grill reshaping and wire mesh that apes a Blower Bentley. And that engine; no mere flathead, it sports super-rare Elco twin-plug heads and the Nash (as in the car) Eight Twin Ignition system to fire all those 16 plugs. The list goes on and on; it even sports right-hand-drive, how delightfully twee. Read the Street Rodder article for more info.
We think that the image could have been taken even further; suede-effect British Racing Green and a Potvin-style front-mounted supercharger would surely take that vintage sports car feel to a new level. We still love it to bits anyway, old chap.

Elco Twin heads; two plugs per cylinder

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