20 February 2013

Hidden Treasure - A Scrapyard In London, 2013

The scrapyard is dead, long live the scrapyard. The days of climbing over teetering piles of decaying cars are gone; victim of European safety laws, but the smarter ones survive. This particular yard, a regular haunt of mine for many years, has a regular input of untaxed cars as the business also deals with the DVLA (boo hiss) and now has the cars stacked on purpose-built holders. You want a part from the car at the top? No problem; along comes the fork lift driver and brings the car down for your perusal. The surprising thing is that in amongst the familiar late-model chod are some eyebrow-raising finds; like a Triumph Stag, a 205GTI and a 50's 100E Anglia.
The scrapyard is dead, long live the scrapyard. Huzzah!
More below and here.
- Amazosan

Austin 1300, looking good enough to save:

Ford Anglia 100E:

Toyota MR2:

Range Rover Vogue:

Australian-market Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed:

Triumph Stag is a long-term resident; has been there at least 8 years:

Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6; still lots of parts left to donate to the cause:

W114-shape Mercedes coupés:

What were once £80k brand new; W140 Merc S-Class and CL, the latter still has it's 408bhp V12:

Jags, Jags, Jags; The rear axle in the XJ6 is much sought-after by hot rod builders:

This had quite literally arrived minutes before; Rover P6:

Polo, no real holes in it:

And last, but by no means least, a barely recognisable Talbot Solara en route to being shredded:

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