13 December 2013

Ken Okuyama Design Kode9 - Enzo A' Mach Go Go Go

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the Ken Okuyama Design Kode9 was the Mach 5 car in the Speed Racer cartoon. Whether Ken Okuyama is a Manga fan is unknown, but he is a legendary car designer from Japan who once headed the design team at Pininfarina; his famous works include the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, so he does have a distinctive style. He also loves building special one-offs, and the Kode9 was one such concept that was showcased at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.
The influence of Italian automotive design is evident in Ken’s work, and the Kode9 is an example of that inspiration. The exterior design of the Kode9 takes inspiration from many classic sports cars while interpreting a future path that the sports car concept could take; all this while just about disguising it's Lotus Elise underpinnings. Most of the parts used have been made using modern technologies, like 3D printing for the carbon fibre, the result being a car that weighs 890kg (1962lbs).
The make of engine that powers the Kode9 has not been disclosed, but what we do know is that it uses a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine, with a HKS Supercharger, producing 370 bhp. A Lotus eater? Surely that would be cannibalism.
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- Mr Fabulous

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