9 December 2013

Ray Pyle's 1929 Ford Model A Roadster - Destined To Survive

A car for the ages. Literally. a 1929 Ford Model A thats been in the same family since the late 1930's, passed through three generations, raced at SCTA events at El Mirage in the late 1940's (with a dash plaque to prove it), sat in various garages for decades on end. It's had rare period speed parts that were fitted in 'period', with more period speed equipment fitted later on in it's life. Now recommissioned for the new millennium. It's now made it's way back to the famed dry lake bed, looking like it never left. Not a famous car by any stretch of the imagination; if anything it was just another old car pounding the desert, along with many other of it's ilk. But lets not sell it short; it's a piece of history, and if it were able to talk: oh, the stories it would probably tell.
Read about the car and the people involved with it, here.

The SCTA meet in 1947 when the car ran No. 660B. Ray Pyle is behind the wheel, and Kenny Eichert (Ray's cousin)is touching the bonnet
This is Kenny Eichert in his Gaters club shirt in 1949 at age 18
Although Ray Pyle flew in several B-17s during the war, he did most of his missions in The Fox. It was named after a small pub in the village of Ridgewell, in Essex frequented by American GIs. Ray and the rest of the crew of The Fox must have been avid visitors...

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