23 May 2014

Street Life: The South Bank Show

A few stolen hours on the South Bank taking a break from the house of ideas that is nearby Amazo Towers; well that was the idea. Little did I know I'd be walking into an impromptu car show of sorts. I haven't been round the south bank area for a while, and a few things have changed; the catering vans have gone retro! Not for these guys a saggy old Transit or Merc Sprinter.

Take this for example Lovely Morris LC5 ice cream van conversion Stop me a buy one? Hell yeah:

Two Citroen H vans on the South Bank, London. This lovely Heuliez stretch version is owned by Campfire Pizza:

This one is a little bit more of a mystery; Heuliez? Sligtenhorst? Currus? It's a '58 HY, which a some point in it's life was rebodied to become a leather shop (behave) and later a Citroen memorabilia outlet. Even the owners, Wahaca don't know of it's exact provenance, but that doesn't stop their making great tacos.

And as if the starters weren't tasty enough, the main course rolled up:


Don't break the tiles- too late...

'Quick, before it escapes!'

'you can growl all you want, you're going nowhere sunshine'

So why was there a Jaguar F-type R outside of the British Film Institute's bar? Well, Jaguar Land Rover was the headline sponsor of the 2014 Arts & Business Awards which took place at the at the BFI Southbank that night; the current model was the other 'bookend' on the right of the entrance. It's a shame that these pictures don't have sound, as the engine noise from the F-type was worthy on an award on it's own.


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