12 May 2014

Wheels Day Week 2014 - The Last?

Words & pictures: Amazosan

18th April, Dunsfold Aerodrome, Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey.
This year marked the start of a new era for Wheels Day, as Surrey Street Rodders changed to a bigger venue, Dunsfold Park, home of the Top Gear test track, among other things.
It may also have marked the end of an era too; a footfall of approx. 18,000 people (when they expected 6,000) and poor marshaling led to traffic tailbacks lasting hours to get in; word from SSR is that the show may not continue in its present form. A shame, and in their defence not everyone suffered these problems on the day, but it certainly overshadowed a great show.

These guys were among several that decided not to endure the queues and just chilled out in a layby:

But anyway, on with the cars actually in Dunsfold:

Not a Pop; its an E04A Anglia:

Rare Fiat 128 estate:

1954 Ford Customline:

This Simca 1100 is a regular at the shows I frequent:

1943 Willys MB Woodie:

Dodge Dart:

Ultima GTR; not the one that smashed the TG track record in 2007 

Its a Triumph TR5...

Super-clean Rallye:

'54 Chevy:

Hand-form ally body on this Model A:

Tinted light covers on this Camaro are very 70's:

Matt Keene turbocharged 2.1 flat four:

'59 Chevy Apache Suburban was sweeeet:

'Poison ivy, lord'll make you itch'

Mild Custom Buick Riviera. Who needs major modifications when the base car looks this good:

Jeep DJ postal car. The DJ was the 2WD version  of the CJ:

'Bodie, you're taller than me, you're bigger. But if you ever use that word again in this office, you'll find out that you're not tougher'

A Kustom mercury as good as any in the US:

Original BRM wheels on this cute Mini:

1967 Ford Thunderbird. Thats not my poor Photoshop efforts in the background, the FX4 taxi really was like that:

1969 Plymouth Fury:

Fun D-type inspired MX5 had some great details:

Irrational want for this, a US-spec Mercedes W116 300SD:

Ford Elite, effectively a very posh Gran Torino:


This T-bucket runs a blown PRV V6 out of a Volvo:

Goes like a Rocket:

Nissan RB26 engine nestling in this C32 Laurel:

1964 Chrysler New Yorker:

Manta Ray beach buggy:

Renault Estafette:

I used to own a silver E12 (a 525); wouldn't mind another one:

The ex-John Baldacchino Viva van; nice to still see it around:

This Mustang was a work of art; built 347ci small black with a socking bog Holset turbo. 700-1000bhp depending on tune:

Bike engined Imp:

Dodge A100 Custom Sportsman Corey Cruiser:


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