6 June 2014

Crusher Camaro Gets A New Engine

Regular readers will know that we're quite the fan of Hot Rod magazine's Crusher Camaro. So when we learned a while back that the Weiand supercharged and Holley carburetted big block had been swapped for another engine, we were all set to throw a wake in it's honour; surely any other road-friendly engine would be a retrograde step? Well once you know what replaced it, we're betting you'll feel different...
Hot Rod staffers David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan swapped the might big block for a 700 bhp 427ci LS7 engine from Mast Motorsports, courtesy of Holley Performance Products. They performed the swap at the PRI trade show in Indianapolis, filmed for Hot Rods's Roadkill Youtube show.
We won't bore you too much with the details (the episode below relates all of the relevant details), expect to say that a) the new engine is more powerful and more economical, and b) ain't technology wonderful?

-Team Amazo

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