20 June 2014

T.W.O. - The Bikes Of Crystal Palace

As well as the assortment of cars a Motorsport At the Palace this year, there was a separate section for race bikes. While they didn't race on the course, they were an absolute treat to look at.

BSA Lightning Clubman replica:

The Bill Hodgkins and Bert Vloemans Windle Norton sidecar racer. Windle is an English sidecar manufacturer that builds road racing sidecar chassis:

The Phil (The Pirate) Luhr & David (Buddha) Currell Windle Imp. Imp, as in Hillman Imp powered:

1930 Scott Hillclimber-sprinter. The Scott two-stroke 180 degree twin-cylinder engine is almost legendary; the basic design lasted from 1908 to 1979:

1930 Triumph 250cc roadrace/hillclimb/sprint special. The engine is pretty trick; contains a long stroke AJS 7R crankshaft and conrod, plus some engine part sfrom a BRM H16 F1 engine!

Yamaha 350 LC converted into a 375 TZ LC replica:

Bultaco TSS125; the last Bultaco to finish an Isle Of Man TT Lightweight 125cc race:

The 'Sheene Special', a bike built by Frank Sheene (father of Barry) around a hand-built frame, Italian Demm front forks,  Spanish Ducson hubs and Ducson 50cc race engine:

This is a Maserati Tipo 50/T2/SS 'Rospo'. Contrary to popular belief, Maserati motorcycles were not manufactured at the car-maker's Modena factory but by another subsidiary of the Orsi Group parent company - Fabbrica Candele e Accumulatori Maserati (FCAM) - which manufactured spark plugs and other automotive electrical components:

Matchess G50 500cc racer:

Gud Kuhn Racing Seeley Norton Commando 750. Barry Sheene raced this Kuhn Norton early in his career:

The Pope Special, built by the Pope brothers and ridden by A.E. Dawson; it has a 50cc Montesa single:

Two Honda CB450 racers, with race-spec CB500-T engines.originally built to compete at the TT, they now race at classic bike race events:

A 1972 Triumph Trident with a Rob North frame; it's a replica of the works bikes that competed in the Transatlantic races in 1971:

Suzuki 750 that competed in the 1988 British Superbike Championship

Aermacchi 250 Ala Verde race replica and Ducati 350cc racer. Harley Davidson owned Aermacchi from 1960 to 1978:

BMW Busch Sidecar with a 500cc flat-twin. In the 1960s/early 1970s, the German company's horizontally-opposed twins dominated the World Sidecar Championship:


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