28 July 2014

1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster - Almost Original

The pictures of this car could have conceivably been taken in the late 1930's, but it hails from 2014; such are the authenticity of the backdrop and the modifications to this Model 40.
A 59A flathead and '39 gearbox, hydraulic brakes from a '40 Ford, a chopped top and lowering with lower-profile tyres basically round out the mods on this 1934 Ford DeLuxe Roadster. And thats the thing; all of these modifications were being carried out on Model 40s in the late '30s, when they were just becoming affordable to the car guys at the very genesis of the hot rodding scene in the USA. This particular car was restored in the 1970's, so has the advantage of being a little fresher than an original, and to me is the acceptable face of patina: earned not forced and not blatantly obvious. I'd give this car a place in my garage in a heartbeat.
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- Amazosan

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