16 July 2014

Honda CB550 with Eagle Sidecar by Analog Motorcycles

Sidecars really seems to have fallen out of favour in the last decade or so, in my opinion. While vintage motorbikes are a perennial and racing sidecar outfits are always revered, the humble sidecar attachment seems to have almost been forgotten or worse, is seen as uncool.
Well, Analog Motorcycles have built a bike that proves that the geeky sidekick to the centre of attention can make for a great double act. The sidecar in question is a Spirit Of America Eagle sidecar made in California from about 1973 to 1975 these are make from fibreglass sitting atop a steel frame. These are quite light, so the owner has welded some ballast to the frame to compensate for the lack of a passenger on most journeys.
Lets not forget the bike part of this dynamic duo; its basically a fully restored Honda CB550 with some nice touches, like a 4-1 exhaust, aftermarket indicators, handlebar-end mirrors and a custom dash bracket. Its the perfect era match for the sidecar and the combination looks like one you could ride for miles.


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