6 October 2014

Lowered Jag XKR - The 'Rusty Nail'

Another one of those 'pics but not much info' posts. Its a Jaguar XKR with a great stance (I can feel Amazosan's glare at using that word) and blue Rotiform wheels. Owned by 23 year old Vladimir Gerasimov, it was built from a front-ended wreck into quite a well-known car on the Russian car scene. The paint has caused quite a stir; unfortunately, I can't tell you a thing about how the effects were done (not even in Russian); but the fish scales, snakeskin effect and what I can only describe as embossed scrolling - however its been made I absolutely love it, and it is a polarising feature. Love it or hate it, it makes the car.
I'll add more information as soon as I can find it, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

- Mr Fabulous 

Rotiform wheels with blue anodised centres:

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