1 October 2014

BMW Show 2014, Santa Pod

Santa Pod Raceway, 28th September 2014.
If I'm being honest,  wasn't planning to go to this show, but the perfect trifecta of picking up parts from two different people in two different places and popping into a friend's workshop to check on his E21 project persuaded me otherwise. I quickly remembered why I've given this show a miss in recent years; a glut of modern-day Bimmers I can see in any supermarket car, plus an annoying DJ booth made for a flying visit rather than a lazy amble.
That said, there were some pure gold nuggets in the sea of slurry; check out the pictures below.

- Mr Fabulous

This E21 has an E36 M3 straight-six, and enough power to chew up it's custom-made propshaft, the owner says, as it did so on the way to the show:

The detailing on this car was unbelievable:

Owner-made digital dash:

E30 M3 had all of the right touches:

In case you're wondering, each HT lead has its own dedicated earth:

Saw the owner hooning this on the skid pan. Looked fun:

A couple of choice E30s kept the E21s company, and bought their hairdryers with them. This one on the factory M20:

While this one bought a pair of turbos, attached to a small block Chevy V8. Wait until they're connected...

Still gorgeous after all these years, the Z1:

There were some interlopers using the strip; this MKII Escort has Cosworth power and an atlas rear axle:

While this Yamaha R1-powered Dare (?) sounded great:

This BMW boxer-powered 2CV lurked on the campsite:

A couple of lovely 2002s turned up as well; this 2002 Tii:

While this one had Jenvey throttle bodies on it's M10 engine:


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