14 October 2015

Slingshot - A Short Film By Les Mayhew

Think that driving a car fast down the quarter mile is easy because its straight? Think again.
A filmmaker called Les Mayhew has created an outstanding short film about nostalgia drag racing, in particular the 2014 NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Championship. Imagine that the 1960s AA/FD class never took Don Garlits' lead with mounting the engine behind the driver and evolved with newer technologies and you get the idea of of the Heritage Series.
Mind you, it has only evolved to a certain point; no pylon-mounted rear wings are allowed and the rear wheels are narrow by modern Top Fuel standards. That and the chassis flex make these cars as hard to handle as their 60s originals;  Mayhew’s various camera angles illustrate that point and are captivating. And make sure you turn the volume way, way up; the film is as aural a treat as a visual one.

- Amazosan

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