21 October 2015

The Back To The Future Poop Coupé - 1946 Ford Deluxe

For those who haven't kept a close eye on their calendars, today is 21st October 2015, or to Back To The Future fans the date that Marty McFly, Jennifer and Doc Brown traveled forward to in the first act of 1989's Back to the Future, Part II. We may not have hoverboards, self-drying clothes, Nike trainers with power laces and pizza hydrators, but there's still plenty to celebrate, like HD TVs (yay) and the death of the fax machine (aw).
But of course this is a (predominantly) automotive blog, so we're more interested in the vehicular delights of the film; yes yes we all know about the Delorean and that flying E24 6-series is of curiosity value, but these are cars that were modified for the film and are forever associated with it.
But there is one gem that stand in its own right as it was a normal road car, and that car is Biff Tannen's 1946 Ford Deluxe Coupé. Yeah, I said Coupé; Universal apparently couldn't find a clean '46 convertible to restore in the time they had, so they bought a Coupé and snicked off the roof (but forgot to fit a working convertible hood, so its brollies up when it rains).
The one featured in the video is the actual car featured in the film trilogy; its also the only BTTF car in private hands too. Must have been worth the purchase price just to recreate one aspect of the tunnel scene; no I don't mean trying to run over a teenager on a hoverborad, I mean flooring the throttle and hearing that flathead V8 roar.

- Amazosan

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