30 June 2014

1929 Ford Coupe - The Eischen Factor

'any fool can cut up a car and go overboard with a concept, but it takes an artist to go the simple and understated route'
Wise words by the author of the Street Rodder article (Eric Geisert) and an ethos that builder Jeff Eischen has demonstrated time and again with his cars. For all of that understated simplicity, this car hides a ton of detail; you could spend ages just looking at the pictures in detail, let alone how long you could spend poring over this car if you were actually face to face with it.
I'm going to shut up for this one, and suggest you go here for the full details. just remember to pick your jaw up on your way out.

- Amazosan

You've Been Framed

20 June 2014

T.W.O. - The Bikes Of Crystal Palace

As well as the assortment of cars a Motorsport At the Palace this year, there was a separate section for race bikes. While they didn't race on the course, they were an absolute treat to look at.

BSA Lightning Clubman replica:

The Bill Hodgkins and Bert Vloemans Windle Norton sidecar racer. Windle is an English sidecar manufacturer that builds road racing sidecar chassis:

The Phil (The Pirate) Luhr & David (Buddha) Currell Windle Imp. Imp, as in Hillman Imp powered:

1930 Scott Hillclimber-sprinter. The Scott two-stroke 180 degree twin-cylinder engine is almost legendary; the basic design lasted from 1908 to 1979:

1930 Triumph 250cc roadrace/hillclimb/sprint special. The engine is pretty trick; contains a long stroke AJS 7R crankshaft and conrod, plus some engine part sfrom a BRM H16 F1 engine!

Yamaha 350 LC converted into a 375 TZ LC replica:

Bultaco TSS125; the last Bultaco to finish an Isle Of Man TT Lightweight 125cc race:

The 'Sheene Special', a bike built by Frank Sheene (father of Barry) around a hand-built frame, Italian Demm front forks,  Spanish Ducson hubs and Ducson 50cc race engine:

This is a Maserati Tipo 50/T2/SS 'Rospo'. Contrary to popular belief, Maserati motorcycles were not manufactured at the car-maker's Modena factory but by another subsidiary of the Orsi Group parent company - Fabbrica Candele e Accumulatori Maserati (FCAM) - which manufactured spark plugs and other automotive electrical components:

Matchess G50 500cc racer:

Gud Kuhn Racing Seeley Norton Commando 750. Barry Sheene raced this Kuhn Norton early in his career:

The Pope Special, built by the Pope brothers and ridden by A.E. Dawson; it has a 50cc Montesa single:

Two Honda CB450 racers, with race-spec CB500-T engines.originally built to compete at the TT, they now race at classic bike race events:

A 1972 Triumph Trident with a Rob North frame; it's a replica of the works bikes that competed in the Transatlantic races in 1971:

Suzuki 750 that competed in the 1988 British Superbike Championship

Aermacchi 250 Ala Verde race replica and Ducati 350cc racer. Harley Davidson owned Aermacchi from 1960 to 1978:

BMW Busch Sidecar with a 500cc flat-twin. In the 1960s/early 1970s, the German company's horizontally-opposed twins dominated the World Sidecar Championship: