31 May 2015

Wheels Day 2015 (2/2)

Just like the Lesney toy:

928 teledials looking at home on a MKI Golf:

And another tuff-looking Hawk. Brit-born Tri-Chevy heaven:


Pontiac Laurentian Safari:

This 100E couldn't possibly piss off the purists:

Polishing: you're doing it right/wrong:

1950 Chevrolet Tin Woody wagon:

She's got claws:

Sidevalve Minor was a honey:

JZR kit car sports Honda V-twin power:

Nice Nash. Or is it Austin?

Not a Kubelwagen per se; all the body panels are hand made:

For some reason, this particular Type 2 does it for me:

1961 Mercury Comet:

Coss the boss:

Scabby Volvo 144:

Wide steels suit this Mini van:

Its shocking to think how rare HB Vivas are now, considering they were a rival for the MKI Escort:

The Lincoln-Mercury show; 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator:

This Continental doesn't drift:

And a 1972 Mercury Marquis:

Not to be outdone, here come more Mopars: 1970-76 Plymouth Duster:

Plymouth Fury III:

And Super Bees:

Two Dodge Chargers rudely interrupt the Plymouth love-in:

'Cuda shaker:

And on a complete tangent, an AMC Javelin:

They look fun:

This bike-powered Cinquecento especially so:

Small-block Ford power resides within this spaceframed MKI Escort:

Its not often you will see a rodded pre-war Aston Martin, if indeed it is a real one:

1963 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday hardtop:

1967 Pontiac Bonneville:

Eight lug wheels; the rim is bolted to the centre, which is actually the brake drum:

1959 Chrysler New Yorker convertible:

The Olds Fold: 1954 Oldsmobile 88:

And 98 Club Coupé from 1947:

Is it like greased lightning?

Those dang Mopars keep wanting to hog the limelight: this is a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon demanding your attention:

Air-cooled shenanigans cometh:

'56 Ford Country Squire. Butlins had a motorcycle club?

1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible:

Dem bones dem A-Bones:

Its a Montego. A '74 Mercury Montego, sister car to the Ford Torino:

I never tire of seeing this Carrera Panamerica Hudson Hornet; twin Webers on a flathead six sound wild:

After all of the 50's Yank tin, a lil' old Limey custom from the Rootes stable:

'54 Chevy Bel Air. With patina:

Its a pick-up freak show:

'68 Plymouth Satellite Sport Wagon; 9 seats and bags of cool:

We're outta here. Taxi!