25 March 2011

Cosmo On The Rocks Please

The second generation CD Cosmo was produced from 1975 and until 1981. It was known as the Cosmo AP in Japan, and sold internationally as the Mazda RX-5, though in some export markets its piston powered counterpart was called the Mazda 121 (a name later applied to Mazda's small hatchback in the 90's). America used the Mazda Cosmo name and offered it from 1976 through 1978. The CD Cosmo/RX-5 series was a flop internationally, as Mazda tried too hard to "Americanise" the car. It was however an enormous success in Japan where over 55,000 where sold in the first year alone. Due to its poor sales as an export, the series-II version from 79-81 was not exported and remained on domestic sale only.
The Cosmo was Mazda's 'large' compact rotary coupe and based on the Mazda RX-4 floorpan and mechanics, but slightly heavier due to body design and more luxurious appointments, including  5-link rear suspension and rear disc brakes. It was available with the 12A and 13B engines.

Right, that's the spiel over, I've suddenly developed a real hankering for one of these, even though I have more chance of getting six numbers on the Lottery, which just happen to be Cote de Pablo's phone number, than finding one for sale.

This one is a grey market import Series II, with the square lights. Still super-cool though.

This unusual small opening window caught my eye. I never realised it opened, but then I've not seen one in ages.

Well, the 'For Sale' thing... I've found one for sale on eBay - in America. Drat.

Those wheels need to take a trip off the nearest cliff edge.

Did anyone say Hillman Avenger?

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