2 March 2011

The Lamborghini Aventador

The replacement for the Mucielago, due to be launched at the Geneva show.
Aventador was, apparantly, a bull whose career peaked in 1993 in the town of Zaragoza, in Spain, when he and the torero had a particularly spirited encounter prior to ol' Aventador's inevitable skewering. This particular beastie belonged to the breeding stables of the sons of Don Celestino Cuadri Vides and, for unknown reasons surely banal, he bore the number 32 singed on his hide. 
And now he gets the strongest Lamborghini ever built named after him. About damned time; most people were getting tired of mispronouncing "Murcièlago" (prounounced mur-che-largo in Amazo World) over the past ten years and now they have a new proper name to mutilate.

More info and a little condescension towards past Lambos, here.

Does this car have a bad angle at all?

Apart from the ugly centre console, the cheap air vents and the glaring omission of a gated manual shift, I quite like the interior.

Origami comes to Sant'Agata. Now we know why the Reventon existed.

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