16 March 2011

Supervan. No, the other one

Does anyone remember the CBS Supervan?

It's a Bedford CF, built by Alan Arnold and a friend as a promotional vehicle for CBS Automotive parts (Alan was marketing manager) in the late 70's. It has a 4.4 litre Rover V8 engine (an Aussie import lump, this was before the domestic Rover version was enlarged), Jaguar XJ12 suspension back and front (the back was widened by 10"), the interior had Recaro seats had stereo speakers in the head-rests, the suspension had air shocks and it raises and lowers at the touch of a button.
The headlights have covering flaps to conceal them and the front grill bars are made of acrylic; they all illuminate for the side lights with the corner ones acting as indicators.

My all-time favourite Bedford CF custom - and that includes Invader, Rhapsody In Blue and Stargazer. Man, it looks near timeless now. Apparently, it's in dry storage somewhere in the UK, so hopefully the owner will pull it out of mothballs and help kick-start the UK vanning scene, which is showing signs of a revival.

With thanks to Mopar on Rods & Sods forum for the scans of the HR&C feature; saves me having to dig my copy out!

And the Street Machine feature:

Some more info on it here: here.

With grateful thanks to Fully-Sick for nicking my original posting on The Retro-Rides forum.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

- Amazosan

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