10 June 2011

European GP Donington 1993, McLaren-Ford MP4/8

The European Grand Prix at Donnington  was a new venue for Formula 1 in 1993, the idea being for that particular race on the calendar would be held at a different venue each year. The two Williams-Renault FW15C cars were superior during the practice sessions, but on race day it rained. Senna started from fourth and dropped to fifth in the first corner. He then embarked on what remains as one of the most memorable laps in F1's history; he emerged from the final corner of that first lap in the lead. The weather changed constantly and Prost, for example, came to the pits seven times. Making better calls, Senna only stopped four times and won the race almost a lap ahead of Damon Hill in the faster of the two Williams. Prost finished third, a lap behind. With two victories in the first three races, it looked like a very promising start to the season for McLaren. It was, however, the brilliance of Senna in changeable conditions that had made the difference and the outright pace of the MP4/8.

Acelera Ayrton, Accelera.

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