22 June 2011

Oakland Roadster Show through The Ages

Some lovely old photos the 70's 80's & 90''s Oakland Roadster show. Even more pics here.

1977 America’s most beautiful roadster winner - Jim Molino's "Candy Man" - Owned by Blackie Gejeian
Ferrari V12-powered  Model B, former Hot Rod feature car; can't for the life of me who owned it
Super  '59 El Camino
Ed Papac's radical 1964 Beetle. More here.
"Two Bad," a 2,000 cc twin-engine 1977 Knucklehead. Arlen Ness design. More bikes to come soon...
Ness-stalgia, another creation by the mighty Mr. Ness
Joe Bailon's Barber Shop Car
Boyd Coddington's Smoothster
Killer detail on this Camaro's small-block 
Darryl Starbirds's Cecil The Diesel, before it was repainted Candy Apple Red
How many hours of work went into this Impala's paintjob, one wonders?
Drool, slobber...
Greer, Black & Prudhomme A/FD
Jade Idol, only a lottery win away...
Different variations on a Merc theme. This way...
...or maybe this way? You're a winner either way.
Another Daryl Starbird creation; Vantasta
Tommy Ivo's four engine dragster; built in 1961. Powered by four injected Buick V8's. The Buick station wagon body was added in 1966
Golden Sunrise ’58 Chrysler. Originally built by Gene Winfield for Rich Zocchi
Trik Truk; an unoriginal name foe a very original Darryl Starbird creation
Mysterious front vents on this bug - front engined?
Built by Don Kendal in 1973; engine is 1966 Corvair air-cooled flat-6
...while this one has a more traditional powerplant
...while this one's just a little more freaky-deaky!
1800lbs and about 600bhp? Jus' asking for trouble..!
The Fageol Special

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  1. The chopped bug was a reworking of the original Scotch and Soda rear engined bug, first seen in Oakland around '67 in pearlescent yellow!