24 February 2011

VW Beetle Fan? You'll Love/Hate This

The X-E-CUTE-R Beetle.

Not much info in the article, as it was about the 1981 Belle Vue show in Birmingham, but from what I've gleaned from different sources, it was flip-bodied and Porsche 911 powered.
Owned by Ed Papac of Enterprise, Oregon, the car was bought over for Belle Vue and promptly won 'Best Of Show'.
It was rebuilt into a car called 'Spellbound' and then into 'Topgun' in '86. Or there may have been 3 different cars, does anyone know?
'Topgun' was an awesome show winner - 117 wins in 117 shows apparently!
The car was stolen, just prior to it supposedly getting raffled off.
Somewhere in the mid-90s there was an article that Papac was busted for insurance fraud, as the car was recovered in Mexico, but he never reported it to his insurance company or something to that effect (allegedly).
Definitely one that polarises opinion - people either love it or detest it.
But it had pride of place on my bedroom wall as a kid, amongst other things...

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