4 February 2011

Targa Florio 1971, Porsche 908/3

Driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Herbert Müller. A car that is so small and relatively low in power, it could and did beat Ferrari 512’s, 312’s, Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3’s, Porsche 908/2’s and Porsche 917’s just to name a few, all of which are very successful race cars. The 908/3 didn’t just beat them, the car managed to get a 75% win ratio!
The driver’s legs were in front of the front tyres, making the best drivers in the world very nervous. Simply stunning to look at and I’m simply amazed by what this car completed given the time period and the 2 year race life.


  1. Where dit you find this? It's my NSU.

  2. I can't remember unfortunately, it was a while ago. I do remember it was a single pic with no info with it. As a suggestion, try Googling 'Targa Florio 1971' and see if you can find more pics.
    - DW