7 February 2011

Riverside 1967. Ferrari 350 Can-Am

The real power slide.

None of that drifting cobblers. I don’t care that you can go sideways; you're in a car that is specifically tuned to go sideways and has a brake set up that gets you in a slide with a gear ratio as small as a G-Wiz. Sure there is some talent there, but consider this: the picture above shows true talent of car control. It shows what its like to have a car’s rear end come out and having to save it in milliseconds. Keep the foot in it, feather it through and hope that the tyres will catch grip once again.
This was the era where we saw the real men/women of racing. I'm not putting modern drivers down by saying this, but just perhaps, put these men/women in a different class. I think modern drivers will agree.
The fascination of drifting today is analogous to it's target audience, in my opinion; the amount of raw talent is just about as real as a box office film. Sure its there and they’re doing it, but… well, try drifting the car above in the same way.
Just don't expect me to pay your hospital bill.

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