3 February 2011

1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster - Black Brazilian

Owned by Almir Rocha from São Paulo, Brazil. After a while driving his heavily customized '59 F-100 truck, which he named Blue Rock, he got a hankering to build something new. As soon as he saw one of Harley's Night Rod Specials, an all-black, badass version of its V-Rod muscle bike, Almir knew that was the look he wanted. And to keep the free and rebellious spirit of his two-wheeled muse, Almir had the perfect base: a '28 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster that used to be a Carretera (old cars prepared for racing, very popular in Brazil and Argentina in the '50s and '60s).
Alexandre "Ale" Benevides from Hot Company Brasil (HCB) in Salto, São Paulo, Brazil built the Night Rock - the name given to the Chrysler because Almir's last name means rock in English. Blacked-out cars can look so bland, but it works on this.
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This is the Harley Night Rod Special that inspired the '28

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