20 July 2011

KRE House by Takuya Tsuchida, Tokyo

Have you ever loved your cars so much you wanted to design a house around them? Well, that’s exactly what  architect Takuya Tsuchida did. I guess when you’re this hardcore of a car enthusiast, they become part of your decor.
He designed this so-called KRE House that is located in the posh Shirokane area of Tokyo. This unique house has a relaxed and contemporary interior, on the ground floor is a nine car garage with an elevator lift that brings the favourite car of the moment right into the living room.

In case you wonder who owns so many cars in the middle of Tokyo: the client for whom this 9 car garage house was built, is in his 40's, runs a clothing and restaurant business.
More here & here of the house itself, if your interest lies that way.
Hello Foxtons..?

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