19 July 2011

Stanceworks BMW E9

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A Mike Burroughs car on this blog. And they said it couldn't happen.

People that know me know that I was never the biggest fan of his E28 5-series, nicknamed by Burroughs Rusty Slammington. I still aren't; while the car was pretty decent in it's original 'modded' guise:

It seemed Mr. Burroughs didn't know when to quit, or worse still destroyed it in the name of self-promotion:

Hey it's his to destroy, but then he wonders why people laughed at him when he proudly announced to a world every incarnation. How I watched in complete incredulation at all of the complete strangers that got very precious about people having an opinion different to theirs and leapt to his defence. And how I rolled my eyes when forum moderators ran for cover whenever pictures of it were posted on their sites.
At let's not even go into the fire that engulfed it, yet he happened to have a camera on hand to take pics of it. Me, I'd be too busy trying my best to get the fire extinguished, but I guess my priorities are different.

But hey, I don't come here to bury the man, I come here to praise him, for having the taste and restraint to buy an BMW E9 Coup√© and choose a wheel/tyre/lowering combo that makes it look absolutely gorgeous.

Wheels are chromed 18' BBS RS, no info on whether the car's on airbags or coilovers, but the ride height look right to me. Other than a CSL front spoiler that's it on the bodywork front, but when you have a car as good-looking as an E9 less is definitely more.

We know it's your car and all Mr. Burroughs, but recognise it's perfect as it is.
And leave the paint stripper on the shelf.

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