21 July 2011

Two Wheels Only

Bikes on The 'Effect. Huh?
Well, I've grown to be a big fan of bikes in the last few years, so when I started this blog I always had the intention of doing features on our two-wheeled cousins. I feel that car and bike fans are way too segmented and that blogs seem to mirror that; very few I've seen tend to do both.
Don't worry chaps, I'm not about to grease my hair back, haul on the leathers and get a flaming skull tattoo across my back, nor is the car content on this site gonna go down. What I want to do is show you peeps some of the great bikes out there, change a few perceptions and hopefully blur the lines between the boundaries. So open the petcock, pull back the kickstand and fire her up!*

*Cheesy lines supplied by former News Of The World copywriters. No wonder I can hear a clicking on the line...

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