18 March 2013

1991 German GP, Hockenheim, May 26, 1991

Wayne Rainey on the Yamaha YZR500 leads Kevin Schwantz on the Suzuki RGV500 on the last lap.
Schwantz stayed behind Rainey through the first chicane, trying to build momentum for a draft pass. He managed it and took the lead from Rainey. It looked like Schwantz has made a tactical error, letting Rainey draft him on the last straight that leads into the stadium section. Rainey prepared for the right turn, but Schwantz swung out from behind and performs a spectacular late-braking pass - the RGV was squirming from side-to-side and the back tyre was hopping up and down leaving a dashed black line of rubber.
Schwantz got it under control and made the turn, but Rainey wasn't giving up and tried to stay on Schwantz’s left as they headed to a left turn, but Schwantz had better drive coming out of the previous turn and got in front of Rainey and stayed there to the line.

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