20 March 2013

1963 Plymouth Fury - The Gas Bubble

I'm want to exclamation more often than I should, and usually for negative reasons, but seeing the car above hone into view on my Facebook feed as a result of Hot Rod's post bought out a 'What The Funk?!?' moment of the positive kind. Once the rest of the guys in the office had pulled me down from the ceiling, we all wondered: new or old build? This car could quite easily have been a cover car from a HRM in the 60's, but the Gas Bubble is a brand new build.
Incredibly, there's not as many modifications as you may think. The base car is a 1963 Plymouth Fury convertible, an overlooked slice of early 60's automotive Americana and the body mods are confined to that amazing Roth-esqe, Starbird-esqe bubble top, a sharp rise in ride height courtesy of a straight tube axle and those downright evil exhaust stacks exiting the 426ci Wedge through the bonnet.
I'd recommend reading the article that goes with this car; meanwhile we'll be looking at PA Crestas in the classifieds and dreaming of vista views.
- Amazosan

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