1 March 2013

The Amazo Effect. Now On Facebook

You read that right; all  you Facebookers should now be able to see our new Facebook page #fanfare# Yay! Woo-Hoo! Er-but why?
Well anyone that uses Facebook on a regular basis (like myself) knows that it really is a curate's egg. Just to clarify to some who aren't quite aware what that phrase means, well it basically describes something that is at least partly bad, but with some arguably redeeming features. Well wade through the memes and semi-porn and there are some pretty darn good car-related pages. So, why not us? Theres the rationale. But this outpost of our blog will be a little different to the mothership; it will have more different content, things that are not quite right here but are worthy anyway. Annnnd... it will shoot from the hip just that little bit more.
Myself and my disparate band of cohorts that are Team Amazo think you'll like it.

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