2 October 2013

'67 Crusher Camaro vs '70 Super Bee 1,500-Mile Burnout-Fest

We're addicted to road kill in Amazo Towers.
Sorry, that came out all wrong; we don't mean we cook up dubious culinary delights from animals we've scraped of our bitchin's motors. We mean the 'webisodes' of Roadkill that appear every fourth Friday on Motor Trend's YouTube channel. It's really an outlet for them to feature material that would normally be outside their remit; namely short films produced by their sister magazine Hot Rod. You may remember one of the cars in this episode; the Crusher Camaro we featured a while back. Now put on your best Discovery Channel announcer's voice (or Mel Blanc voicing Daffy Duck for fits and giggles) and read the next part:

'On this episode of Roadkill, it's Freiburger in the Super Bee versus Finnegan in the '67 Camaro as the guys make the trip from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and back to go race at the Midnight Drags at Rocky Mountain Raceways in hopes of running the Bee on nitrous for the first time since the Hemi was installed. Which car will work best over 1,500 miles of mayhem in three days?'


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