23 October 2013

1932 Packard Eight Phantom Coupe - Pack-odd

Have you ever seen a 1932 Packard coupé? Even if you have, you haven't seen one like this, as it's a 'phantom' i.e. a bodystyle that was never offered from new. Packard was an American luxury marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit; they were a fierce rival for Cadillac and Lincoln, all of which were producing cars aimed at the high end of the car market.
The 1932 Packard range included a three-window coupe, but this Packard is actually based on a Sedan Coupé (also known as a 'Victoria Coupé) that had been modified in the 1950s, with a '49 Ford boot section and made into a coupé. An unusual choice to say the least, it's a welcome distraction from a '32 Ford; you sure won't see one of these every day, or even at most rod runs.
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And for comparison purposes, here a standard 1932 Packard Eight Sedan Coupé:

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